Mykola Azarov has chosen advisers among the students  

2 March 2012

Such a proposal was made by Prime Minister to the students during a lecture in Uzhgorod, which he delivered as part of his working trip to Transcarpathia.

Prime Minister invited three students from different universities to become his advisers on a voluntary basis. During the lecture "How to ensure sustainable socio-economic development in Ukraine " (VIDEO) Mykola Azarov appealed to the students to give their view on topical issues regarding the subject. Prime Minister invited three students onstage - Milan Kushtulintsa from Mukachevo State University (Faculty of Management and Entrepreneurship), Oleksander Slivka from Uzhgorod National University (Law Faculty) and Michael Gnetil from Transcarpathian State University (Faculty of Economics and Tourism). The guys have been chose by the students from their peer group, and Prime Minister invited them to become his opponents.

Mykola Azarov was primarily interested in the opinion of students regarding the work of the Cabinet: "I do not want positive feedback on the work of the Government. First of all I want to ask students: What in your opinion the government is doing wrong, what should be changed? ".

"I believe that so far all actions of the Government are correct, but it is impossible to develop the economy and lift it out of the pit in a short time. It will take about 10 - 15 years ", - the law student said.

Prime Minister has confirmed the judgment of a young man: "We can not improve the country, its economy during a year or two, but if we work hard from year to year, then we will be able to make Ukraine a prosperous European country during the next 10-15 years. To do this we need political stability and unity of all branches of the Government. "

However, the politician said that before the election there had been always a large number of agents provocateurs who try to undermine political stability in the country.

"Dented confidence in the authorities immediately dents confidence in its economic and political steps. Deceived people are much easier to be directed to wrong decision making ", - Head of the Government said.

At the end of the lecture Mykola Azarov suggested that students chose from three students the one, who, in their opinion, was the most prepared to become the future Prime Minister and said: "I invite these young people to become my advisers on a voluntary basis. When you become Prime Ministers, you will have to make difficult decisions. The only true solution does not exist. Either of them can have both pluses and minuses. Prime Minister’s task is to find the best solution, that can be quite difficult. "

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